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Web-based inventory. Spend more time on customer relationships through web-based inventory, and less time on paperwork and inventory issues.

Web-based inventory moves the information off of the shop floor and will give you flexibility you could only imagine. Information can be accessed anywhere in the world and delivered like no other software package. Information is instant, showing you exactly where your product is.
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is the leader in providing web-based, hosted inventory solutions. Our solutions are easy to use, easy to deploy, and easy to manage. They are used worldwide by distributors, manufacturers, and the many organizations that need to manage or provide visibility of inventory that belongs to their partners, is shared, or is simply located off-site.

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Through the experience obtained from working with both global companies and small operations, as well as our enterprise resource planning and supply chain knowledge, The Inventory App has been able to design inventory management systems that allow for meaningful collaboration amongst trading partners. With our unique low-complexity approach we solve the inventory issues you and your trading partners face. Our systems are hosted, meaning we . not you . worry about implementation, upgrades, and maintaining the software. And that also means there is no hardware or software for you to buy or support.

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Inventory Management Challenges How can you make customer inquiries valuable? Through a self serve model. If you present customers with a self service model they can see their inventory when they need to. More importantly their customers can as well. This means more business for your customers and ultimately more business for you. If customers have visibility to their own inventory they can "see what's on hand, what's available, what's allocated, etc." and their customers can as well. This makes for less interruptions, better productivity, and happier customers. Thus calls from your customer become more strategic in nature. In general customer service levels improve 30%.

The solution The Web-based Inventory solution enables companies to manage inventory processes including receipts, adjustments, shipments, allocations, cycle and physical counts at various locations within the company and around the globe, without an expensive infrastructure or telecommunications charges. It also allows you to bar-code and use RFID both in active and passive modes. The Web-based Inventory Management solution allows you to implement the inventory function at various locations and tie into your existing systems. This enables users to minimize the time spent looking for inventory and maximize customer service levels.